Sharing your light

Lightwork includes many different practices. Being a Lightworker is open to all kinds of people with all kinds of unique gifts, but expanding the light energy of the planet doesn’t always mean partaking in a spiritual practice. It could mean creating art or literature that promotes positive thoughts and ideas, advocating for those, who are somehow oppressed or in need or even creating technology that will improve the lives of those here on earth. Any action that promotes positive energy is considered lightwork.

Aside from taking action, your thoughts can create light energy. Loving thoughts and prayers to others creates light that resonates throughout the universe! Your small thought actually helps transmute the energy of the entire planet! This is a simple way to practice your lightwork that will benefit the entire community of mankind. It can be that simple. Remember you are a part of the collective and when we each claim our place and take responsibility for it, we can make conscious choices to expand the light energy of the planet.

It will be your choice as to how you share your light energy with the world.

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