Ted Williams A Golden Voice for the Homeless

Even in the description of my book Lightworker, it is said that even homeless folks could be Lightworkers. A perfect example is a current news story that is sweeping the internet and media around the country. Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice. In the initial video that came out on youtube and became a viral sensation, his appearance is that of a haggard, homeless bum, holding a sign begging ongoing traffic for money. Then when he opens his mouth and speaks in appreciation for the small donation, it is shockingly unfitting! His voice is like butter, contrary to his rough exterior. Well, his voice has been heard and the TV appearances and job offers keep coming.

“This has been totally, totally amazing,” Williams said in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, his voice choking with emotion. “I’m just so thankful. God has blessed me so deeply. I’m getting a second chance. Amazing.”  And although the road has not been easy, this is not an unfamiliar path for a Lightworker, such as Ted Williams. Since many Lightworkers endure pain and traumatic lives to eventually get their message out into the world, I am not surprised at the synchronicity that let Ted down the path he took.

A small time radio announcer at one point, Ted fell into a life of drug abuse and petty crimes that eventually landed him living on the street begging for money. Events the media is quick to point out. Since anytime something good happens to a person, our fear based media needs to point out every misstep they ever took (I say that with my eyes rolling). But the road to enlightenment is filled with missteps! Just like every Lightworker, his life was filled with heartache and pain until the time came for him to step into his true role. Now Ted’s voice is not only golden for himself, but a gift to every homeless person in the world.

Perhaps, because of Ted Williams, we may look differently at our homeless population. They can have gifts, they can contribute, they may be just like Ted Williams, someone who needs a helping hand. Maybe next time I may be more willing to roll down my window and give more than just my spare change, because of what I have learned from this story.  Anytime a Lightworker sheds light on those who are in need, oppressed or without a voice, they are healing the energy of the planet and what a voice he lends!  This story illustrates so profoundly, that even those we may normally walk right by on the street, without a thought, could be a bright light for the world. No matter where Ted Williams journey takes him now, the world is forever changed because of him.  Ted Williams, Lightworker and voice for the homeless.

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