Feeling Lost?

Many of us feel empty, misplaced or adrift when we live day to day wondering why things happen as they do what the meaning of it all is. We search for our life purpose and constantly ask the universe, why am I here, what am I supposed to be doing. Is the purpose predestined or already planned out by God? Do we pick our own purpose? Are the events of your life all random and by chance? My answer is a little of all these. Life is a combination of plan, chance and destiny all rolled into one. One of my favorite sayings is “God creates the map and I choose the road.” In other words our Source creator sets us on a certain course with many situations that we can choose from. Different paths on the map will take us to different destinations and interactions with many diverse people. As we move along our course, we alter our own lives and the lives of those we intermingle with, always shifting our journey as we go along and the journey of others at the same time. It’s kind of mind boggling to think of the trillions of scenarios plotted out within the landscape of your life. But this is the adventure that is free will, never really knowing the destination or the outcome at the end of each road we take. It’s all part of the fluidity of life and the sooner we learn to flow with it the better off we are. Searching for your life purpose can feel like setting out on a road trip with no destination. Aimlessly driving and coming to dead ends, detours and pot holes. Life is never one smooth course and the irony is that these dead ends, detours and pot holes enrich our lives and accelerate our spiritual growth. If we learn our lessons well, they will give us a sturdier constitution and impart us many valuable lessons that will allow us (when divine timing intervenes) to finally understand that we truly do live a meaningful existence, by just being our authentic selves. Living your life purpose is living your life with high intentions and from a place of gratitude for all the bumps in the road. Being ever mindful that all is exactly as it should be and trusting that we all have a divine internal compass to help us on the roads we choose, so we can never truly be lost.

One thought on “Feeling Lost?

  1. Raymond says:

    Ο/Η anonimos 1 λέει:kursare tha se pkaearlasw na digrapseis ayto to video giati exei prokalesei terastio provlima se mena ai sti kopela..de kserw pws vrethike sti katoxi sou alla tha se pkaearlasw na diagraftei..eyxaristw..

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