Soul’s Journey Radio

Richard Andrew King discusses his new book
The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives
Why are rich and famous people rich and famous? Is it luck? Hard work? Advantage by family name? What makes them special? What secrets are the basis of their success?
Why is Oprah Winfrey a billionaire entrepreneur?
What gives Sarah Palin her Going Rogue persona?
What caused Marilyn Monroe to be a sex goddess?
What caused Princess Diana’s tragic life and death?
Why was Michael Jackson plagued by child issues?
Why was Howard Hughes a disturbed, rich recluse?
Destinies of the Rich & Famous explores the secret numbers of the following famous global icons and explains through The King’s Numerology™ why they are both rich and famous.
Richard Andrew King is a professional numerologist and author residing in Southern California. He began his study of numerology in 1980 and has been sharing his powerful discoveries of numbers and their relationship to people’s lives through his books which are available at and on his books page:

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Listen to Soul’s Journey Special Guest Richard Andrew King

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