May The Light Source Be With You!

What if you were to uncover a magical power that could allow you to create the life you dream of? This was a force so powerful and expansive that its full potential was beyond the scope of human comprehension. Then you discovered that it constantly surrounded you, even though it could not be seen and you could harness it, tap into it and use it to create your own destiny?

The self-help genre is booming. This tells me one important fact: many people are discontented with their lives and are searching for the secrets of having the perfect relationship, health, or even financial status. I have tried them all—affirmations, visualization, you name it. Via my journey through self-help, I came up with one conclusion: guidebooks for happiness are merely implementations of a dominant universal power, only ways to execute a supreme force.

The transformational dynamism I am speaking of is Source Energy. It is from where we all came, where we are now, and where we will someday return. It is all encompassing and knows no boundaries of time and space. Once I discovered this, I finally understood; Source Energy is my Source; therefore, as an extension of it, I also should have no fears or limitations. I realized that the only fears or limitations in my life were those that I had placed myself. Then came the ultimate question, since Source Energy is all there is, in what form it did I want to incorporate Source Energy into my life?


The most magnificent aspect of Source Energy is that you have the power to harness it and use it at will. However, since Source Energy is all encompassing, it can be a double-edged sword which contains all the beauty and unconditional love of the universe (Light energy), all the sadness and despair (Dark energy), and, of course, every expression of existence in between the two extremes. This energy creates the human experience and our inherent free will gives us the ability to choose the shade with which we color our life!


So how do we invoke this magical light force into our lives? We can start by understanding that our world is more energetic than most of us realize and just because we cannot see something with our physical eyes does not mean it is not so. (Case in point) You can’t see gravity either; you can only see its effect.) You can boil it all down into the wise old adage: we reap what we sow. In this manner we are constantly directing Source Energy (be it Light or Dark) into tangible form through our thoughts, emotions, and, most of all, intentions. We can manifest the life we desire consciously or unconsciously, because our thoughts always transform our energy whether we realize it or not. If we are aware of how this works, then we can begin to purposely change our thought and emotional patterns. Just as positive thoughts (drawing in Light energy) create positive outcomes, negative thoughts and emotions (drawing in Dark energy) manifest negative outcomes— all occurring within the natural course of the energetic current.


Your emotional and intentional state of being aligns with certain types of source energies. For example, Light emotions include love, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, generosity, tolerance, and understanding. The converse emotions include hatred, fear, intolerance, greed, apathy, lust, and envy. Free will allows us the choice of where to align ourselves. This is where the law of attraction comes into play. However, before we can benefit from the law of attraction, we must first work with its core, which is the energy from which we construct the foundation of our existence upon. Harnessing this power is not about semantics, our wording, or affirmations; it is about making continuous conscious choices to align with the lightest polarity of Source Energy possible, a practice which will surely demonstrate that nothing short of miracles will occur!

One thought on “May The Light Source Be With You!

  1. Baker says:

    Awesome and empowering post. I have read your book previously light worker, and I resonate very well with being a light worker. Also this post is a wonderful reminder of who we are

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