Intuitive SoulMate Reading (written report)

Hello Lightworkers!

My Life report is such a success and with so many of you ordering them with questions about relationships I have decided to add another written report to my list of services. This one is more concise and specific to the subject most of you need clarity on, love.  Many of you ask about the soulmate connection and when this experience will begin in your current lifetime.  The answer is not that simple, since we have many soulmates that cross our paths for various reasons. In this written report find out which connections are soulmate connections and what purpose they will serve in your life. Surprise… not all soulmates are here to give us a love that will take our breathe away and if they do take your breathe away, it may not be for the reasons you would expect. Let me explain this all for you in the written Intuitive Soulmate Reading. This is not a computer generated reading. This is a channeled report specifically for you and you only. Approximately ten pages long, you will get to know the true nature of the relationships currently in your life and those that will occur in the future. Are you really ready to know? Be prepared, not all relationships are what they appear to be, but its better to know the truth so you can garner all the knowledge and learning these powerful interactions offer. In your Intuitive Soulmate Reading you will learn:

  • What the nature of a specific relationship is (you will provide up to three relationships for me to analyze)
  • What relationships are transitional in your life or for learning purposes and what you will learn
  • How to manage these relationship and keep your heart chakra open and flowing with unconditional love
  • How to release negative energy or baggage that can come from these relationships
  • How to recognize the “Life Partner” or marriage Soulmate and how to make it last

I would love to help you clarify this confusing and sometimes frustrating question of “Who is my soulmate” and learn how to manage these challenging yet beautiful relationships.

Please submit a contact form with your request and 200.00 paid via paypal address Please allow up to one week for me to complete as per my schedule. Thank you!

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