Release 2013!


Five Step Healing Plan for the New Year

A new year is upon us and it is time to move on and move forward with all your hopes and dreams. You cannot do this is you carry the wounds of the past. If the past year did not bring you all you had hoped for, here are five steps that can quickly help you to lighten your emotional burdens and quickly move into to a healing space. This will allow you to move forward in the New Year and achieve your goals!

  1. Experience (embrace the pain): To experience your pain is to own it and love yourself unconditionally (no guilt, fear, or worry) while going through it all, no matter how uncomfortable that feeling may be. The only way to release something is to first embrace it or own it.
  2. Acceptance (consent that it has occurred): Denial is something that will keep you from healing. At times, the grieving process will take you through the stage of denial, but this only prolongs things. Acknowledging that the pain has occurred and cannot be undone is a step to healing it.
  3. Understand (comprehend what it means to you): Lookat the experience from all angles.Is this a life lesson? Part of your soul plan? Karma? Examining your experience and determining its purpose and what it means to you and your ascension plan will validate it instead of viewing it as just a random occurrence that has no potential to offer you spiritual growth.
  4. Release (forgive and let it go): To finally clear the energy it has created in your spiritual and physical body, you must have forgiveness and gratitude for what you have learned and the blessings that come with the pain.
  5. Gratefulness (be thankful for the process): Have gratitude for the learning experience. Recognize the blessings that come with spiritual growth throughout the whole process.

Remember pain and disappoints are part of the growth process, it is how you process the experience that really matters. I am booking readings now for January, if you wish a New Year reading, please fill out this form below and I will get back to you!

Wishing you all a joyous New Year and in 2014 may all your dreams come true!

Love and light,

Sahvanna Arienta

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