You are the Mother to all Manifestations!

I was born to be a mother. I was the type of little girl who played for hours with “Baby Tender Love” (those of you of a certain age will remember her) and fantasized about the day I could have my own real live baby! When my older sister had her children I was still quite young, just eight and ten years old, but still considered myself their surrogate mother. I would spend hours playing with them and taking care of them  like a good little mother would. I enjoyed those times so much. When I had my own girls I was just ecstatic. Finding out I was expecting and seeking out alone time with my baby (still in my stomach). I couldn’t wait to be alone and talk to my belly!

Well this inclination to be a maternal was something that spilled over into anything I did in life. Soon I began to see a correlation with the amount of nurturing that was given to my manifestations, the more they became what I envisioned them to be!  As I grew and cultivated my gifts I realized that I was a mother to them as well.

With anything I wish to manifest, I channel all that maternal energy into it and it grows and thrives just like a healthy child. I consider all my ideas my children. Some have grown up to be the equivalent of doctors and lawyers, huge success, some may just be mid level successes, others, well perhaps did not grow up too well, but each is precious to me and a product of the energy I put into them. Every desire, thought and dream is yours to nurture to fruition. Remember each tree begins with just a humble acorn, and needs water and sunshine to turn into a mighty oak.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and remember you are the mother of each thought, intention and idea, treat them well and they will be all you dreamed they would be.


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