The Prophet brings a calming energy today!


Card Number 8 from my Tarot deck!

The Prophet is the father of the deck. He is paternal and he finds great purpose as he stands guard over those he loves and channels all the vitality and healing of the ascended masters. Today being October 8th I felt very connected to his energy and with the powerful eclipse in Aries this morning many of us feeling unsettled and perhaps downright irritated, it was nice to connect to his calm protective energy!

The Prophet

The Prophet is the father of the deck. He represents protection, guidance and paternal energies. He is a father, brother or older male who is an authority figure in your life. He may be a male who is very skilled in business, trading or banking.  His energy if forward thinking and progressive. He brings information that allows you to make transformational changes in your life and forge ahead on your path.

Reversed Meaning: The Prophet brings greed and messages of  devastation. You may receive information from this male that will stunt a business venture or transaction. The male may have insincere intentions and deception is evident in his energy. This Prophet becomes a Prophet of doom.

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