Tarot 101 March 2017

Tarot 101
Unlock the mysteries of this ancient modality

Tarot 101 is a complete course on how to use the tarot cards to receive guidance for yourself and others. Tarot 101 focuses in detail on the actual process of discovering meaning in the cards and divination of the future. Once you familiarize and bond with your deck, it will become one of your greatest sources of guidance and direction!
Lesson 1 The Major Arcana
Lesson 2 The Suit of Cups
Lesson 3 The Suit of Swords
Lesson 4 The Suit of Wands
Lesson 5 The Suit of Pentacles
Lesson 6 Simple Spreads
Peer Readings

Please purchase the Waite deck to prepare for class. Classes will be taught via the blackboard teaching system and live conference and group discussion boards. All lessons will remain in your Blackboard interface for the duration of the course for your review in the case you miss a live class.
Class will begin Thursday March 9 2017 and will complete on April 20 2017

Space is limited

Cost 600.00 USD

Please use paypal link below and you will receive further instructions.

Pay securely here

We are looking forward to this fun and enlightening class!

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