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It is the Lightworkers’ mission to lend their light energy to our planet which is heavy with fear and negativity. They are here to be the light in the darkness. But Lightworkers aren’t all great spiritual gurus or even political leaders. They may be musicians or artists, shopkeepers, accountants, stay at home moms or even homeless folks. They share their gifts by speaking out for those who have no voice, they create glorious works of art that beautify our planet or they write music that elevates our spirits. They work unseen, lending their light energy by just agreeing to walk among us; they are the healers of our planet.  In Lightworker, psychic medium Sahvanna Arienta explains that Lightworker is not just a broad term or label, but a clear and defined role for unique souls with different levels, intensities and missions. This information will help many identify their true selves and the path they should take. Lightworker also offers helpful advice on how to cope with the heightened sensitivities and complexities of the Lightworker’s highly acute nature. Sahvanna explains extra sensory perceptions and how to enhance your own psychic abilities in a simple and straightforward way anyone can relate to. Lastly you will be astounded as she recounts stories of her own journey and her experiences as a medium connecting with the other side.

“Lightworker, Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide, and Being of Light” may change the way you view your life, your challenges and your own place in the world.
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If you are a Lightworker you may be going though life with a constant urge to embrace a higher purpose. You know you have a calling but you don’t yet know what it is or how to go about finding it. The Lightworker’s Source is a much-needed guide for newly awakened or even fully conscious Lightworkers to reveal their authentic selves and find fulfillment in the lives they are destined to live. You will be inspired by true stories of fellow Lightworkers who have awakened to the divine intention of their own lives, and learn to develop practices to enhance your own Lightworker gifts.

The Lightworker’s Source will help you understand:

The signs and symptoms of awakening to your Lightworker role
What the “Dark Night of The Soul” is and why it is a Lightworker rite of passage
How to avoid the “One Way Flow,” which will create roadblocks to your own happiness
How to use your dreams for guidance and as a gateway to your higher self

The Lightworker’s Source is the practical roadmap to the higher self you’ve been searching for.


Publication Date January 25, 2016  New Page Books


Can you give too much love?

Lightworkers are sensitive and highly empathic souls who have an innate need to help and heal others. These peaceful supporters of humanity are here to make positive changes and create personal, balanced, and loving human connections.

But many Lightworkers become so caught up in their divine mission to heal that they sometimes overlook the importance of receiving love. Do you find yourself always loving generously and rarely feeling valued? Do you feel you’re always responding to the needs of others? Because of this inner calling to heal, many Lightworkers find themselves in situations that create an endless cycle of sorrow in their own relationships. Eventually these beautiful souls close off their channel to receive love altogether.

Lightworker Relationships: Creating Lasting and Healthy Bonds as an Empath will help you understand how to:

  • Balance the human and spiritual experience.
  • Create healthy boundaries in relationships.
  • Learn to receive love and why it’s essential.
  • Recognize when you are closing off your own love source.
  • Live your divine mission but also receive the joy and happiness of healthy human connections.


Sahvanna Tarot 

by Sahvanna Arienta and Allan Barbeau to be released 2013


The Sahvanna Tarot is something like you have never seen before. The messages on each card are original and come directly from my guides. These cards will give you information on your Soul’s entire Journey and help you resolve issues that are affecting you currently and are rooted in past life experiences. The cards also will utilize so many of the modern and traditional symbols of spirituality from many different cultures, psychology, astrology and more. The images are powerful and will stir the imagination and jar the spiritual memory of the person seeking knowledge from them. Original artwork hand drawn in ball point pen by gifted French artist Allan Barbeau adds to the mystical quality of each message.  These cards are a powerful tool of guidance, wisdom and divination.

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