Psychic Medium Sahvanna Arienta is the founder and creator of Soul’s Journey Radio. A radio show to share  knowledge and experiences with the listening audience. Guests include published authors and celebrities in the world of metaphysics and spirituality.

Join Sahvanna for intuitive advice and discovery of new ways to enhance your life! We will discuss topics such as relationships, manifesting and how to utilize the tools of the universe to create the life you always dreamed of! Exciting guests and experts in the field of spirituality will drop by to offer up their best advice as well.   This is not a show you want to miss, so settle in for an hour of divine guidance and get ready to make miracles happen in your life!


Upcoming Radio Appearances

October 17 2014 10am est Loyde Auerbach Visits to Talk Ouija

October 14  2014 10am est  Are we feeding the fear monster?

November 11 2011 9pm est

November 20 2011  The Insider Mag Radio

November 27 2011 9pm est PANG Radio

December 6 2011 10pm est  Bringing the Light with Wendy Joy

December 23 2011  5pm est Connecting The Light with Mike Quinsey

December 27th at 7pm est Dispelling the Myths with Keleah

January 12 2012 7pm est Earth Magic Radio

January 13 2012 at 8 PM est Parasite Radio

February 4 2012 12M est Radio Amerika Now

February 23  at 7:00 PM/EST  11 11 Mag Radio

March 17th 2012  10 PM est