For many years I have been asked to put the knowledge and information from my books and sessions into a comprehensive course where Lightworkers can come together and learn how to handle their gifts on an personal level.

Yes although you are all fellow Lightworkers,  all of us have specific gifts and challenges that may be unique to you alone.  This intensive course will empower you with the knowledge needed to share your gifts and face your personal energetic challenges.

This course is suited for those who are at the beginning of their journey and also if you have been studying for years. Whether you would like to pursue your Lightwork as a career or you are seeking knowledge for a personal reason this course will help all those who come for knowledge.

What The Lightworker Intuitive Program will offer you

  • Insight to your own gifts and origin of your soul
  • How to manage the challenges of being super sensitive and recognize your gifts
  • How to identify your life purpose.
  • What your personal blocks are, where they originated and how to clear them
  • Healing long time energetic wounds
  • How to dialogue with the higher planes and spirit guides
  • How to hone and trust your intuition
  • Raising your awareness to the signs spirit sends you and act on them
  • Are you suited to be a spiritual advisor?
  • What’s your psychic “Type”?
  • Tools of the trade; Discussing different modalities to garner information
  • Peer and test readings
  • A certificate of completion of the Certified Lightworker Practitioner® by Sahvanna Arienta and  offical website Logo
  • Weekly informative videos

You will also receive

A personal 30 minute session with Sahvanna Arienta 61q0xOILUnL

Those who are interested and/or also chosen will also have the opportunity to interview and test for a position at the prestigious site Soul’s Journey Lightworker’s as an advisor



Next open course starting date January 23 2019


Live classes will be Monday and Thursdays at 9 pm EST. For those students who miss live classes the recordings will be available for you to review for the duration. 

Space is very limited and there is an application process and  you will be notified if you are accepted for this session and given further directions.


The price of the course is 700.00 USD. Those chosen must place a non refundable deposit of 50% to hold their space upon acceptance. Live classes will be held twice weekly for six weeks via  video and conference call system.


 I am excited to announce the class will be on Blackboard software, a special software used by all online universities. Once you are confirmed you will receive a special log-in to Blackboard to view lessons, homework or discussions! There is no worries about missing classes because all your lessons will be available to you on Blackboard including live classes and videos. We are accommodating students from multiple countries so all time zones are considered when the course was designed! 

For questions or more information please email

About Sahvanna Arienta



Sahvanna Arienta is an internationally known psychic medium and spiritual counselor. Also as best selling author she helps others recognize their authentic selves and find purpose in living a heart centered existence. Her unique style and connection to others is a powerful healing tool that has been a revolutionary force for change in the lives of her worldwide clientele. She is the author of three best selling books including Lightworker, Understand your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide and Being of Light which has been called a masterpiece and transformational guide for many who have been overwhelmed with sensitivities and the empathic emotions that come with having unrecognized acute spiritual natures. Her work is known to take essential information for Lightworkers to the next level and guide the reader into a purpose driven life that they were brought to the planet to live.

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