Feedback from graduates of the Certified Lightworker Practitioner Course

I just want to say that the readings I had with Sahvanna where amazing she really picked up on what I was going through and needed to hear I have been coming to her for a while now and I am always pleased with her gifts and kindness and honesty also her book lightworker has tremendously help me in life professionally and personal thank you again for shining your bright light it is truly appreciated


“Deciding to take Sahvanna’s CLP course was one of the best gifts I ever gave to myself. When I first learned about the CLP course, I was intrigued by the topics and subject matter. As the weeks went on, a whole new world opened up for me. I felt like I finally had a clearer picture of why I was being drawn to this kind of work, and gained a better understanding of my purpose and place with it. Throughout the course I learned how to strengthen my intuitive skills. At the same time I awakened to gifts I didn’t even know that I had. Sahvanna’s group provides a safe environment to practice and ask questions. I enjoyed getting to know the other students and we instantly became a caring community of support for each other. We shared our experiences and I learned a tremendous amount from hearing their stories. If you are considering the class, I would highly recommend it. You will gain more from the experience than you can even imagine at the start. If there are any specific questions I can answer for you, please feel free to reach out to me. Good Luck and have fun!”

Many blessings,

“Hi Everyone,
I hope you are enjoying your time with our dear friend and teacher Sahvanna Arienta. I feel very blessed for her courses and her amazing heart.
The first time I learned about Savhanna was at Barnes and Nobles when I was looking for a book that spoke to me about many spiritual subjects but i wanted a non judgmental and very truthful and honest book that was written from the heart. I found Lightworkers book and the Lightworkers Source and the minute i opened them, i felt that finally someone in the world understood me and had something really profound to teach me. If you have not read these books, please do not hesitate and do so. She has several books that will be very helpful to you as well.
Once i read the books, months passed by and I went through a very hard time in my life. In the search for my own stability and some guidance, I remembered the author of those wonderful books i have read, and I decided to look for her on line. Savahnna had a facebook post inviting people to take her oncoming training which was going to begin in the next few days. I truly believe that this was a synchronicity from the universe as a gift for me, because since I took the first course, my spiritual gifts have been opening up by the day. I took her first Lightworker course and it felt as if I was born again. I discovered so much about myself and my gifts and I really received a strong motivation to work hard on my spiritual growth. I call Sahvanna my spiritual mommy, since thanks to her, I learned how to slowly start walking my spiritual path. With each lesson, I released a lost of my fears and I understood more clearly many things that were very blurry to me before. I recently took her second Lightworkers course and as before, I keep learning and reassuring myself that I could use my gifts without fear.
Since her first class, I became a Registered Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Angel Card Reader, Angelic Energy Healer, I took several courses for Psychic Development and Mediumship and I am currently in the process of officially opening my own practice to be able to help others. The name of my practice is Angels of Light and Hypnosis Center.
Spiritual beings, like Angels and Archangels, are very powerful for my personal mission on Earth but just like me, many of you have assistance from the Spirit world perhaps in the angelic realm as well or in many other forms as Power Animals, Masters, Fairies, departed Loved Ones, etc. It is your task as Lightworker to recognize who is by your side in the spirit world and who is ready to help you, so you feel never alone and you can always rely on the endless love and support that they have for you.
Sahvanna’s mission is for many people to understand their connection with Spirit and to strengthen their gifts in order to change the planet.

I give so much credit to Savhanna for being my first teacher during these 3 years journey and for taking the time to mentor so many people like me that, at first, did not know what to do with their gifts but now have more understanding and trust in their mission to bring light back into Earth.

Much Love to everyone and many blessings. Enjoy your classes, trust your gifts and embrace your Lightworker mission!!!

Adriana Martinez
Angel of Light

“Sahvanna is a very talented and wonderful spiritual advisor. Taking her Certified Light-Worker Practitioner course has greatly helped give me a foundation in my journey into the metaphysical wonders of our existence!”


” I participated in Sahvanna’s first CLP – Certified Light
Practitioner course. It was one of the most effective learning
experiences I have participated in that used both an online and
teleconference format. Sahvanna was well prepared for each weekly
session and provided thoughtful reflection and practice exercises.
She was excellent at following up with each of us online and provided
insightful comments and guidance. Sahvanna showed wonderful patience,
humour and lots of encouragement as each participant stepped into the
‘circle’ to practice their light worker skills. I regularly refer to
the knowledge and skills that I learned in this course. I recommend
this course to anyone who is seeking to further develop their
intuitive skills and practice.”

Janet Martin
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


In May of 2014, I had an epiphany during a particularly tumultuous period of my life. I had recently taken up meditation, as it was recommended by a friend to get me through this tough period in my life.  During a meditation session, I was told by a little voice that I was a Lightworker! What the heck was that? I had never heard that word before so, I looked it up and was guided to Sahvanna Arienta and her book, Lightworker. I read the book cover to cover multiple times over the course of the next couple of years. I tried on my own to continue to listen to my guides and make sense of the messages but, alone…it can be quite noisy and confusing. Once again, I was divinely guided to Sahvanna’s website and found that she had a course to become a Certified Lightworker Practitioner or CLP.  That was it, the signs were irrefutable!  This is what I had been missing and what I was looking for!  I decided to enroll in the CLP Level I course in the beginning of 2017 and it was the best decision of my life!  Since that time, I continued with Sahvanna and the Lightworker University to become a full Level II CLP and I get to work with clients all over the globe. The classes are easy to follow with support from Sahvanna and the other students, some of which have become lifelong friends!  Do not be afraid of taking an online course as it is very interactive and easy to follow with ongoing support at your fingertips. You will learn to have the confidence to trust in your divine gifts and how to hone them so you will be a productive guide for others who need the light in their lives. You get to practice on volunteers and fellow students and receive real-time input on how to use the skills you are practicing and to use them in real life applications.  I have had many miraculous readings and experiences in my time in the Lightworker University and now, I know how to listen to the guides with purpose and how to hone my gifts into a unified focus for myself and for the people that are brought into my life. I look forward to continuing my practice and now I am armed with the confidence I needed to be a successful Lightworker!


Lightworker email:  heathersaintheart@gmail.com