You are the Mother to all Manifestations!

I was born to be a mother. I was the type of little girl who played for hours with “Baby Tender Love” (those of you of a certain age will remember her) and fantasized about the day I could have my own real live baby! When my older sister had her children I was still quite young, just eight and ten years old, but still considered myself their surrogate mother. I would spend hours playing with them and taking care of them  like a good little mother would. I enjoyed those times so much. When I had my own girls I was just ecstatic. Finding out I was expecting and seeking out alone time with my baby (still in my stomach). I couldn’t wait to be alone and talk to my belly!

Well this inclination to be a maternal was something that spilled over into anything I did in life. Soon I began to see a correlation with the amount of nurturing that was given to my manifestations, the more they became what I envisioned them to be!  As I grew and cultivated my gifts I realized that I was a mother to them as well.

With anything I wish to manifest, I channel all that maternal energy into it and it grows and thrives just like a healthy child. I consider all my ideas my children. Some have grown up to be the equivalent of doctors and lawyers, huge success, some may just be mid level successes, others, well perhaps did not grow up too well, but each is precious to me and a product of the energy I put into them. Every desire, thought and dream is yours to nurture to fruition. Remember each tree begins with just a humble acorn, and needs water and sunshine to turn into a mighty oak.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and remember you are the mother of each thought, intention and idea, treat them well and they will be all you dreamed they would be.


Join Sahvanna and Uri Geller in the Search for Missing Flight MH370


News of psychic Uri Geller’s participation in the search for missing flight MH370 broke in the UK last week after Geller posted a request on Twitter asking for help from his fans in locating the plane. The Daily Mirror reported that Geller was asked by a “significant figure” in Malaysia to use his remote viewing skills to help in the search. After tapping into his own powers and those of his followers on Twitter. Join Sahvanna and Uri exclusively on on Saturday March 22, at 7pm est as they discuss their psychic impressions of what occurred on that fateful flight.

vdayFebruary 14th, the day some of us look forward to, some of us dread, some of us chose to ignore. It’s the day when Cupid shoots his arrows of love and we all hope to get bitten by the love bug, Valentine’s Day. Pairing with the opposite sex is such a big part of what could feel like “self-validation” in our society. It seems the seeds are sown deep, to feel wanted, desired or belong to someone. I remember in the third grade, the butterflies that came when those little square flat cards were handed out. The picture of Snoopy asking Woodstock to “be my valentine” gave such joy if it came from that special someone. Then even as we continue on throughout teenage years and adulthood, if you’re not paired up you feel like some kind of wall flower, third wheel or outcast. Why is it that we need this type of validation to feel worthy, especially in certain situations which focus on love, such as Valentine’s Day, not having a date to a wedding or not being asked to dance at the prom. Love being the key word here or lack thereof is what these situations tend to represent for many of us who are single. Lack of love presents a void that is difficult to fill, but are we confusing love with romance. Most likely because romance is an experience but love is a state of “being” that truly originate within ourselves. When we are looking for the experience of romance, let’s first examine our own sense of self love, because without self-love, the experience of romance can never come. Those of us who do not truly love and value our own identities as individuals have no room for the coupling type of love which comes with the romance experience. When I say we have no room, I mean without the presence of self-love in your life we carry way to much emotional baggage to allow romance to enter our lives.

Self-Love begins with “I”

The practice of self-love is all about the “I” and nurturing the “I” in your own personal identity. Being kind to yourself, forgiving your shortcomings, (we all have them, we are human after all) and feeling validated for no reason whatsoever. You really need not have any expectations of yourself to practice self-love, loving yourself for no reason just because you are you, unique, quirky, and perfectly imperfect just the way you are. Being comfortable with your own identity and loving yourself just “because” is the first step in self-love and releasing all the emotional baggage that you have carried for all this time. Try these affirmations; they all begin with the all mighty “I”

I am loved unconditionally

I am perfect the way I am

I am validated in all my feelings and emotions

I am supported in all I do by the highest power that exists

You can continue and adjust these “I” affirmations to suit your own inner support system. There are also many conscious life changes you can implement into your daily routine that will nurture and enhance the power of your own sense of self- love.

Keep all your relationships balanced and equitable. Remembering if you do not feel you’re giving and receiving on an equal basis, it’s time to move on. Anytime a relationship makes you feel depleted your not honoring yourself.

Keeping the inner dialogue loving: Whenever you begin to hear negatives in your mind, such as, “you’re not good enough” or “Oh I’m having a really bad hair day!” (yep, hair is a biggie) change it around. Tell yourself how wonderful you are and make note of how pretty your eyes are and how they sparkle when you smile. Just keep it positive. When those negatives creep into your mind, control, alt, delete and reboot to a fresh and positive new screen.

Nurture your spirit: When you cherish your soul and grow spiritually loving yourself comes naturally. Remember the spirit is the energetic force that fuels the physical body. A healthy and vibrant spirit shows through in your appearance. Mediation, listening to your intuition and higher self will guide you in all the right directions.

Take care of your body: Diet, mindful exercise, not being sedentary and being overall mindful of keeping your body as stress free (eliminating caffeine and other stimulants) as possible will encourage your self-worth and feeling validated for no reason will come.

Embracing your dark days: Just because you love yourself, doesn’t mean you’re not going to have “those” days. When everything seems to go wrong be kind to yourself. If it means staying in bed for the night with the box of Samoas that you really didn’t want to buy but bought because the Girl Scout was too cute. Indulge yourself once in a while and work yourself through the dark times with love, kindness and patience.

Consider your inner child: Is he or she contaminating your adult life? When you can, look through some family photo albums and remember that child who was or should have been loved unconditionally by your parents and family. That child is still within you and waiting to be loved again. Parent yourself and lavish all the love and praises you can think of on this child. Your inner child will thank you!

This Valentine’s Day keep in mind that love is something that emanates from deep inside you. Only until you can embody this state of “being” can you make room for romantic love in your life. You don’t need to be someone else Valentine to feel whole, validated or significant, you are all these things already. Whether you are in a relationship or single this February 14th, remember romance without self-love is a very lonely place to be. Now go… love yourself!

Release 2013!


Five Step Healing Plan for the New Year

A new year is upon us and it is time to move on and move forward with all your hopes and dreams. You cannot do this is you carry the wounds of the past. If the past year did not bring you all you had hoped for, here are five steps that can quickly help you to lighten your emotional burdens and quickly move into to a healing space. This will allow you to move forward in the New Year and achieve your goals!

  1. Experience (embrace the pain): To experience your pain is to own it and love yourself unconditionally (no guilt, fear, or worry) while going through it all, no matter how uncomfortable that feeling may be. The only way to release something is to first embrace it or own it.
  2. Acceptance (consent that it has occurred): Denial is something that will keep you from healing. At times, the grieving process will take you through the stage of denial, but this only prolongs things. Acknowledging that the pain has occurred and cannot be undone is a step to healing it.
  3. Understand (comprehend what it means to you): Lookat the experience from all angles.Is this a life lesson? Part of your soul plan? Karma? Examining your experience and determining its purpose and what it means to you and your ascension plan will validate it instead of viewing it as just a random occurrence that has no potential to offer you spiritual growth.
  4. Release (forgive and let it go): To finally clear the energy it has created in your spiritual and physical body, you must have forgiveness and gratitude for what you have learned and the blessings that come with the pain.
  5. Gratefulness (be thankful for the process): Have gratitude for the learning experience. Recognize the blessings that come with spiritual growth throughout the whole process.

Remember pain and disappoints are part of the growth process, it is how you process the experience that really matters. I am booking readings now for January, if you wish a New Year reading, please fill out this form below and I will get back to you!

Wishing you all a joyous New Year and in 2014 may all your dreams come true!

Love and light,

Sahvanna Arienta

Intuitive SoulMate Reading (written report)

Hello Lightworkers!

My Life report is such a success and with so many of you ordering them with questions about relationships I have decided to add another written report to my list of services. This one is more concise and specific to the subject most of you need clarity on, love.  Many of you ask about the soulmate connection and when this experience will begin in your current lifetime.  The answer is not that simple, since we have many soulmates that cross our paths for various reasons. In this written report find out which connections are soulmate connections and what purpose they will serve in your life. Surprise… not all soulmates are here to give us a love that will take our breathe away and if they do take your breathe away, it may not be for the reasons you would expect. Let me explain this all for you in the written Intuitive Soulmate Reading. This is not a computer generated reading. This is a channeled report specifically for you and you only. Approximately three pages long, you will get to know the true nature of the relationships currently in your life and those that will occur in the future. Are you really ready to know? Be prepared, not all relationships are what they appear to be, but its better to know the truth so you can garner all the knowledge and learning these powerful interactions offer. In your Intuitive Soulmate Reading you will learn:

  • What the nature of a specific relationship is (you will provide up to three relationships for me to analyze)
  • What relationships are transitional in your life or for learning purposes and what you will learn
  • How to manage these relationship and keep your heart chakra open and flowing with unconditional love
  • How to release negative energy or baggage that can come from these relationships
  • How to recognize the “Life Partner” or marriage Soulmate and how to make it last

I would love to help you clarify this confusing and sometimes frustrating question of “Who is my soulmate” and learn how to manage these challenging yet beautiful relationships.

Please submit a contact form with your request and 150.00 paid via paypal address Please allow up to one week for me to complete as per my schedule. Thank you!

I’m back at New Sky Radio beginning Thursday September 20th at 4pm est.

New day and time
Thursdays at 4pm est
Sept 20th Segment: Soul Contracts vs True Romance.
We all make soul plans before we are born, these plans help us strategize our lessons and karma for the current lifetime. They almost always involve relationships, but how do we know if we are in a relationship that is suppose to bring us a lesson or a relationship that is meant to last and be forever? On Thursday’s show we will discuss relationships, why we have them, when to let go and when to stay. Also during the second half of the show I would love for you to call and tell me about your current relationships, then let’s discuss whether they are Soul Contracts or True Romance!

May The Light Source Be With You!

What if you were to uncover a magical power that could allow you to create the life you dream of? This was a force so powerful and expansive that its full potential was beyond the scope of human comprehension. Then you discovered that it constantly surrounded you, even though it could not be seen and you could harness it, tap into it and use it to create your own destiny?

The self-help genre is booming. This tells me one important fact: many people are discontented with their lives and are searching for the secrets of having the perfect relationship, health, or even financial status. I have tried them all—affirmations, visualization, you name it. Via my journey through self-help, I came up with one conclusion: guidebooks for happiness are merely implementations of a dominant universal power, only ways to execute a supreme force.

The transformational dynamism I am speaking of is Source Energy. It is from where we all came, where we are now, and where we will someday return. It is all encompassing and knows no boundaries of time and space. Once I discovered this, I finally understood; Source Energy is my Source; therefore, as an extension of it, I also should have no fears or limitations. I realized that the only fears or limitations in my life were those that I had placed myself. Then came the ultimate question, since Source Energy is all there is, in what form it did I want to incorporate Source Energy into my life?


The most magnificent aspect of Source Energy is that you have the power to harness it and use it at will. However, since Source Energy is all encompassing, it can be a double-edged sword which contains all the beauty and unconditional love of the universe (Light energy), all the sadness and despair (Dark energy), and, of course, every expression of existence in between the two extremes. This energy creates the human experience and our inherent free will gives us the ability to choose the shade with which we color our life!


So how do we invoke this magical light force into our lives? We can start by understanding that our world is more energetic than most of us realize and just because we cannot see something with our physical eyes does not mean it is not so. (Case in point) You can’t see gravity either; you can only see its effect.) You can boil it all down into the wise old adage: we reap what we sow. In this manner we are constantly directing Source Energy (be it Light or Dark) into tangible form through our thoughts, emotions, and, most of all, intentions. We can manifest the life we desire consciously or unconsciously, because our thoughts always transform our energy whether we realize it or not. If we are aware of how this works, then we can begin to purposely change our thought and emotional patterns. Just as positive thoughts (drawing in Light energy) create positive outcomes, negative thoughts and emotions (drawing in Dark energy) manifest negative outcomes— all occurring within the natural course of the energetic current.


Your emotional and intentional state of being aligns with certain types of source energies. For example, Light emotions include love, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, generosity, tolerance, and understanding. The converse emotions include hatred, fear, intolerance, greed, apathy, lust, and envy. Free will allows us the choice of where to align ourselves. This is where the law of attraction comes into play. However, before we can benefit from the law of attraction, we must first work with its core, which is the energy from which we construct the foundation of our existence upon. Harnessing this power is not about semantics, our wording, or affirmations; it is about making continuous conscious choices to align with the lightest polarity of Source Energy possible, a practice which will surely demonstrate that nothing short of miracles will occur!

Feeling Broken?

You are feeling depression, emptiness and sadness due to some current or past life traumatic events? Your spirit may be fragmented. You must retrieve the shards of your soul to feel complete again. This card tells us, as the woman retrieves the pieces of a shattered mirror, that nothing is ever lost or broken beyond repair.

You are the mother of your ideas

I created this card a few years ago, Mother Earth. with the notion that calling all these powerful maternal forces of the universe  would help cultivate my ideas. Today I realize that I am the mother of my own ideas, my own thoughts, my own energy.  Then I began to wonder, am I a good mother? Do I nurture my thoughts, give them love and nourishment to grow? Or do I starve them and maybe even belittle them and make them feel small? The truth is that your thoughts all transform into energy and this energy creates the space you live in. So treat each idea you have, each intention, each thought as if it were your child, to raise with love and encouragement. As you do this, you will see them manifest into beautiful realities, remember you are the mother of your ideas. Its up to you.